The new magician - The new magician however seems to sway...

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Unformatted text preview: The new magician, however, seems to sway the crowd, for they make no preparations for the kings arrival. Thus, The Boss uses the telephone to check on the kings progress and manages to gather together something of a crowd to go out and greet the king. When the abbot and the monks discover that Arthur is indeed arriving, they dash out to greet him, although they take the time to — in Twain's words — ride the rival magician out on a rail. In Chapter 25, we see that King Arthur always takes care of business matters wherever he is. The Commission charged with examining candidates for posts in the army arrives with the king, and the examination of officer candidates takes place. The Commission and the king insist that the main qualifications that an officer must have is a noble lineage that extends at least four generations into the past. Thus, The Boss's candidate, who has been trained at his "West Point," is denied a post, the past....
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