The next morning - The next morning still at the party...

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Unformatted text preview: The next morning, still at the party, Alfred feels sick, halfway between intoxication and a hangover. James finally arrives and appears to have been living the hell of an addict. His face is thin. His eyes are sunken. His suit looks too big for him. He has come for a fix. Alfred tries to apologize for the burglar alarm at the grocer and to remind James of their friendship. "That was kid stuff," says James. He takes a packet of white powder from Hollis and prepares to have a fix; Alfred wants to stop him but is too stoned himself to speak. Alfred falls to the floor and passes out. Upon his arrival at the party, Alfred tries to convince himself, as much as the revelers, that he is still in training and will only stay a few minutes. But this is a form of self-deception and further evidence of Alfred's immaturity. Alfred is not yet prepared to take responsibility for his own actions. Major of Alfred's immaturity....
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