When Alfred arrives at the clubroom

When Alfred arrives at the clubroom - When Alfred arrives...

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Unformatted text preview: When Alfred arrives at the clubroom, the party is in full swing. James, however, is not there. Major assures Alfred, whom he calls "champ," that James will show up. Sonny also refers to Alfred as "champ." It is not likely that either could grasp Mr. Donatelli's concept of the word contender . Initially, Alfred says that he can stay only a few minutes and is in training. Twice he turns down Major's offers of wine. However, the seduction of the party gets to him. Major's girlfriend, June, introduces Alfred to her cousin Arlene, a black girl with a blond wig, dizzying perfume, and an easy attitude. Alfred is surprised at how comfortably she enters his arms to dance to the low, funky blues. From Major, Alfred eventually accepts half an orange soaked with vodka. Major assures Alfred that it is good for him. The party becomes "a sweet, sticky blur." Arlene encourages Alfred to try marijuana, is good for him....
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