Kinemacs iii relave ages a crosscuwng relaonships 1

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Unformatted text preview: assigning causes and effects 10/3/11 GG303 3 12. Kinema.cs III ages A Cross ­cuWng rela.onships 1 Younger features can cut older features; older features cannot cut younger ones 10/3/11 GG303 4 2 10/3/11 12. Kinema.cs Cross ­cuWng rela.onships Angular unconformity, Siccar Point, Scotland hZp:// ­01.jpg 10/3/11 GG303 5 12. Kinema.cs Cross ­cuWng rela.onships Nonconformity, Tapeats Sandstone overlying schist, Grand Canyon 10/3/11 hZp://marl...
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