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Unformatted text preview: 10/3/11 12. Kinema.cs I Main Topics A Defini.on and use B Rela.ve ages C Displacements vs. rela.ve displacements 10/3/11 GG303 1 12. Kinema.cs How Did Points in Outcrop Move Through Time? 5 Fault 3 Dike 2 Dike 4 Joint 1 Granodiorite 10/3/11 GG303 2 1 10/3/11 12. Kinema.cs II Defini.on and use of kinema.cs A The study of the posi.on of bodies through .me without regard to the forces causing mo.on B Used to describe how a body changes posi.on, orienta.on, shape,and/or size through .me C Important for correctly...
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