GG303_Fall_2010_syllabus - Geology and Geophysics 303:...

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Geology and Geophysics 303: Structural Geology Fall Semester, 2010, 3.0 Units Lectures: MW 10:30-11:20 Lab: W 1:30-4:20 Instructor : Steve Martel, POST 805, 956-7797, [email protected] Office Hours : After class or by arrangement* TA : Svetlana Natarov, POST 842, [email protected] Office Hours : After class or by arrangement* Texts : Basic Methods of Structural Geology, by Marshak and Mitra (MM) Class Themes The crust of the earth is deformed at many scales, locations, and times; this deformation produces identifiable structures in the crust such as fractures and folds. An appreciation of earth structures has both enormous practical value and profound intellectual implications for how we view this planet. This class deals with ways to recognize and characterize major structures in the earth's crust and ways to gain insight into how these structures form. The course develops skills in three-dimensional thinking that are essential for understanding crustal structures. It also explores techniques for determining the sequence in which structures form. Geometric and time- sequence information is integrated with fundamental material from course pre-requisites in mathematics and physics to introduce students to how the earth's crust can be viewed as a mechanical system. The class will focus on macroscopic structures but will also introduce students to some of the fascinating structures that form at the microscopic scale. The course has a laboratory and includes a field trip to the Big Island. Our ability to understand geologic structures depends in large part on how we perceive them. Few geologic structures form by trivially simple processes, but depending on how we view geologic structures, they can appear horribly complicated or amenable to understanding; perspective is critically important. One key thread throughout the class will be ways of viewing the geometry, mathematics, and physics of geologic structures such that the underlying essential
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This note was uploaded on 12/05/2011 for the course GEOLOGY 300 taught by Professor Stephenmartel during the Fall '11 term at University of Hawaii, Manoa.

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GG303_Fall_2010_syllabus - Geology and Geophysics 303:...

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