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Jicha Technology in Society and Culture (Section 003) Current Events Blog Instructions and Rubric One entry and three responses due each unit (10% of Course Grade) The current events blog is an opportunity for students to apply course concepts and theories to events occurring today and to see the role of technology in the modern world around us. It is also an opportunity for students to explore certain aspects of technology and its impacts that they find personally interesting. These three blog entries will be more involved than the discussion board entries. Once each unit, every student will find some current event, in the form of an on-line news story or video. They will post a summary of that event, a link to the original story or video, a brief discussion of how they see this event tying into the course, and two discussion questions for the rest of their group to address. Each student will also be responsible for posting three responses to a post made by one of their group members. Instructions For each unit, each student is expected to make one Event Post and three responses to their group members’ Event Posts. The forum for each blog will appear on Moodle under the week that the Event Post is due as a ‘Current Events Blog- Event Post’ link. Students may select any current event that they find both interesting and related to the course. It can be a breaking story about a technology (new or old), news from a particular field about a technology, a new invention, an application of a particular technology, or consequences associated with a particular technology. The topic selected must be both tasteful and relevant to the course! (Any questions on whether or not a certain event qualifies should be directed to Karl) The Event Post will consist of a summary of the event topic, a link (or links) to a news story or video that describes the event, a course connection (how it relates to a topic from one of the sections of that unit), and two discussion questions. The Event Post requires students to work on their own. Students will then make a total of three responses to either one of the questions posed by a student in their group or another student’s answer to a question. All students will be assigned to a group in which they will interact with 8-10 other students . All of your Event Posts and responses will be made within your discussion group. Students will not be able to see other students’ posts until they complete their initial Event Post. Once students have posted their Event Post, they will be able to see all of their group members’ posts. Students’ posts will be graded based on the quality of their posts, the degree to which the posts meet the stated requirements, and their ability to relate their discussions to the course materials. Rubrics and Expectations
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Current_Events_Blog_Instructions_and_Rubric.2 - Jicha...

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