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Ant/Soc 261(003) Fall 2011 1 Technological Deprivation Exercise Due Date- November 30 th , by 11:55pm EST (15% of overall course grade) For this assignment, students are required to refrain from using one (or more) of the technologies from the list provide below for a period of 72 hours. Most of you likely rely on these technologies on a daily basis and the challenge is to see how abstaining from using them for even a short period of time forces you to change your daily routine or to adopt a substitute technology or behavior that serves the same purpose. This assignment helps students to realize the impact that technology has on their daily life. Learning Outcomes The technological divide within human societies and between developed and developing countries plays a vital role in determining the opportunities and life chances we have. Thus, differences in access to technology tend to magnify social and economic inequality. Please keep this in mind as you work on this assignment. After completing this exercise, students should have a greater appreciation for Western reliance upon technologies and the role they play in our daily lives. The purpose of this assignment is to experience what it is like to go without the use of a technology that plays an indispensable role in our everyday routines and that we often take for granted. Most of the technologies provided on page 1 are relatively new, yet most students probably do not remember ever having gone without them. This assignment also requires that students relate their experiences to the course materials. Specifically, students must tie materials from the readings into the first and third sets of questions provided at the end of these instructions. Instructions
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Writing_Assignment_-_Technology_Deprivation_Exercise -...

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