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North Carolina State University, Department of Mathematics MA 105-001 Mathematics of Finance, Fall 2011 Instructor: Dan Maroncelli Office: 3147 SAS Hall E-mail: Office Hours: T 9:00-10:00 AM, W 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Website: Course Time: TR 1:30-2:45 pm Text: Mathematics of Finance by Marilyn McCollum Materials: Each student is required to have a business calculator. The HP-10BII is recommended. Students who wish to purchase a calculator other than HP-10BII will be required to learn how to use it on their own. Course Objective: To introduce aspects of finance, including various types of interest and annuities. Course Grade: Final grades will be based on 4 exams, WebAssign and the final exam . Tests: 55% WebAssign/Quizzes: 20% Final Exam: 25% As per the NCSU requirement, the plus/minus grading system will be in effect. 98-100 A+ 92-97.99 A 90-91.99 A- 88-89.99 B+ 82-87.99 B 80-81.99 B- 78-79.99 C+ 72-77.99 C 70-71.99 C- 68-69.99 D+ 62-67.99 D 60-61.99 D- 0-59.99 F 70 or above S for credit only You should not expect any rounding or curves. Homework: Homework will be done using WebAssign. WebAssign problems make up a large portion of your final grade, so do not fall behind or skip ANY of these. You must purchase an access code at
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This note was uploaded on 12/05/2011 for the course MA 105 taught by Professor Hird during the Fall '08 term at N.C. State.

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MA-105SyllabusFA2011 - North Carolina State University,...

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