Graphical Representation of Vectors

Graphical Representation of Vectors - Graphical...

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Graphical Representation of Vectors Vectors are often distinguished from scalar quantities either by placing a small arrow over the quantity, or by writing the quantitity in a bold font. It is also common to indicate a vector by drawing an arrow whose length is proportional to the magnitude of the vector, and whose direction specifies the orientation of the vector. In the adjacent image we show graphical representations for three vectors. Vectors A and C have the same magnitude but different directions. Vector B has the same orientation as vector A, but has a magnitude that is twice as large. Each of these represents a different vector, because for two vectors to be equivalent they must have both the same magnitudes and the same orientations. Velocity and Acceleration Let us now give a precise definition of velocity and acceleration. They are vectors, so we must give a magnitude and a direction for them. The velocity v and the acceleration a are defined in the following illustration,
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Graphical Representation of Vectors - Graphical...

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