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Modern Astronomy

Modern Astronomy - • The Greeks Originally there was...

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Modern Astronomy All ancient advanced civilizations (China, Central America, Mesopotamia, . . .) treasured some form of astronomy-astrology (in those days there was not a clear distinction between the two). Ancient Creation Stories Ancient civilizations had epic stories concerning the creation of the cosmos. These creation stories often have similar features: the Universe was created from a dark void, and then shaped and ordered. Another common feature is that whatever was "home" for the particular culture was assumed to the the center of the cosmos. The Hebrews: the Universe was created by God in 6 days, beginning from a formless void.
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Unformatted text preview: • The Greeks: Originally there was formless Chaos; this was followed by gods who brought order to the cosmos and fought among themselves to control it. • India: Originally there was neither form nor substance; Father Sky and Mother Earth conceive the gods, who shape the earth (sex among the gods is another common feature of creation stories). • Egypt: The Universe is a large rectangular box with (naturally) Egypt at the center. The Sun-god Ra rode around the celestial river once a day, and star lamps were suspended from the top of the box. We could cite examples from other cultures, but you see the flavor of these stories....
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