Star Formation in the Eagle Nebula

Star Formation in the Eagle Nebula - about as close as you...

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Star Formation in the Eagle Nebula The following images show examples in the Eagle Nebula of regions where stars (and possibly solar systems) appear to be forming. Star-Birth Clouds in M16 (Eagle Nebula). J. Hester and P. Scowon (Arizona St. Univ.), November 2, 1995. Taken with NASA Hubble Space Telescope, WFPC2 The scale of the image on the left is about 1 light year. The blowup on the right shows finger-like structures that are thought to be regions in which new stars are being formed. The tips of these finger-like objects are about the size of our Solar System! Here is a spectacular movie (780 kB) of these star-forming regions in the Eagle Nebula made with the Hubble Space Telescope ( Source ). This movie is
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Unformatted text preview: about as close as you are ever going to get to the bridge of the Starship Enterprise! Planets Around other Stars In recent years rather conclusive evidence has accumulated for planets orbiting other stars. This evidence comes from the gravitational perturbations exerted on the star by the unseen companion planet that can be exposed by very accurate measurement of the radial velocity of the star (see the related discussion of detecting unseen companions in binary star systems ). These measurements require that variations in the radial velocity of order 10 meters per second be detected relative to a total radial velocity typically of order 10-100 kilometers per second....
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