Male pattern baldness Treatment

Male pattern baldness Treatment - pattern baldness in Japan...

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Male pattern baldness Treatment Conservative: Tinted cosmetics, Hairpieces or hair extensions, Nanogen Medical: Minoxidil topical solution : (2%-5%) apply the affected area bd. Oral finasteride: 1mg Non-surgical: Low level laser therapy Surgical: Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) = Strip Harvesting or Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE Harvesting Prognosis The prognosis all depends on the patient. Whilst many will accept the hair loss as a natural progression due to age, other will seek treatments. Prevention While genetic factors seem to play the principal role in the development and progression of androgenic alopecia, lifestyle also plays a minor role as demonstrated by the vast increase in male and female
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Unformatted text preview: pattern baldness in Japan after World War II. Pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia) was either rare or non-existent among hunter-gatherer societies. One study did show that free testosterone is lower 24 hours after intense aerobic exercise in men who already have high endurance but it was not investigated whether that level remains lowered beyond that point, or whether that lowering affects male pattern baldness in any way. It has been suggested that weight training may have a detrimental effect on hair by increasing testosterone levels; however, there is at least one study that indicates a decline in free testosterone as a result of weight training....
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Male pattern baldness Treatment - pattern baldness in Japan...

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