Basal cell carcinoma Symptoms

Basal cell carcinoma Symptoms - Causes The cause of BCC’s...

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Basal cell carcinoma Symptoms BCC commonly presents on sun-exposed (head, neck, face, ears, trunk) skin and is more common in fair- haired people. BCCs tend to be slow growing with local spread. They may appear in a number of manners: Nodular - classic Cystic - translucent lesion Superficial - macular Morphoeic - scar like Pigmented – look like melanomas BCCs classically have raised pearly edges that appear as pearly papules and/or plaques. BCCs are also associated with telangiectasias. Some patients may present to clinic troubled by a non-healing scab. Metastases are usually very uncommon. They might occur with a long standing BCC and occur in the lungs and/or bones
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Unformatted text preview: Causes The cause of BCC’s is largely related to repetitive and frequent exposure to UV radiation, and the sun. These factors are known to induce DNA damage in skin cells called keratinocytes. UVB light, at 290-320 nm wavelengths, is thought to be the key factor in the destruction of DNA and subsequent formation of BCCs. Other risk factors for BCC include: x-ray light exposure, chemical exposure (e.g. arsenic), and patients who are immunocompromised or suppressed (e.g. transplantation history). Epidemiology BCC is the most common skin malignancy in the western world. It may affect people at any age but the peak incidence is usually over the age of 40....
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Basal cell carcinoma Symptoms - Causes The cause of BCC’s...

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