CPR Advanced Life Support

CPR Advanced Life Support - 7 Resume chest compressions...

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CPR Advanced Life Support Advanced life support: (Adapted from the Resusitation Council UK) This is a continuation of Basic Life Support. It aims to restore normal cardiac rhythm by defibrillation where the cause of the cardiac arrest is due to arrhythmia, and/or restore cardiac output by correcting other reversible causes of cardiac arrest. Arrhythmias associated with cardiac arrest are divided into two groups: shockable rhythms (VF/VT) and non-shockable rhythms (asystole and PEA). Steps: 1. Assess cardiac rhythm 2. Confirm cardiac arrest – check for signs of life or if trained to do so, breathing and pulse simultaneously. 3. Call resuscitation team. 4. Perform uninterrupted chest compressions while applying self-adhesive defibrillation/monitoring pads – one below the right clavicle and the other in the V6 position in the midaxillary line. 5. Plan actions before pausing CPR for rhythm analysis and communicate these to the team. 6. Stop chest compressions; confirm VF from the ECG.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Resume chest compressions while the defibrillator is charging and the person selects the appropriate energy on the defibrillator (150-200 J biphasic for the first shock and 150-360 J biphasic for subsequent shocks). 8. Warn all rescuers other than the individual performing the chest compressions to “stand clear” and remove any oxygen delivery device as appropriate, give the shock. 9. Without reassessing the rhythm or feeling for a pulse, restart CPR using a ratio of 30:2, starting with chest compressions. 10. Continue CPR for 2 min; the team leader prepares the team for the next pause in CPR. 11. Pause briefly to check the monitor. If VF/VT, repeat steps 6 - 11 above and deliver a second shock. If VF/VT persists repeat steps 6 - 8 above and deliver a third shock. Resume chest compressions immediately and then give adrenaline 1 mg IV and amiodarone 300 mg IV while performing a further 2 min CPR....
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CPR Advanced Life Support - 7 Resume chest compressions...

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