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Appendicitis Treatment

Appendicitis Treatment - reasons-• The appendix may be...

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Appendicitis Treatment The only safe treatment for Appendicitis is surgical removal. This can be done as an open procedure or Laproscopically. Recovery post procedure is typically rapid and chances of infection spreading are reduced via IV antibiotics given before and during surgery. If an abscess has formed it must be drained with a drain left in post procedure. If the necrosis is large or has spread to the caecum or small bowel the whole mass must be removed – this may result in a temporary ileostomy which will need later corrective surgery. During the operation attention must be paid to the rest of the bowel to ensure there isn't any other disease process. One very possible but rare cause for this is the prescience of an inflamed Meckel's Diverticulum. Even in the case where no inflammation is observed the appendix should be removed for a number of
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Unformatted text preview: reasons:-• The appendix may be inflamed but not showing outward signs • Even if healthy, appendicitis may occur at a later date if not removed • Surgeons may assume the appendix has been removed if a scar is visible Prognosis Appendicitis progresses very quickly. A missed diagnosis can cause the appendix to rupture, allowing the content to spill into the peritoneum and cause peritonitis which is potentially fatal. Occasionally, slower progression allows the nearby Omentum to wall off the perforation and form an abscess. Cases which are diagnosed early and treated have an excellent prognosis. Prevention Appendicitis isn't a condition which can be prevented in the same way as Heart Disease. However since the primary cause in most individuals is faecaliths a diet rich in fibre may help prevent the lumen becoming blocked....
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