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Bowel disorders Congenital Abnormalities Meckel’s diverticulum Meckel’s diverticulum is an out pouching of the small intestines that is an embryonic remnant present in approximately 2% of the population. The diverticulum is usually 2 inches long and can be found approximately 2 feet from the caecum. Heterotopic gastric tissue may sometimes be found in the diverticulum which may secrete HCl resulting in ulceration, perforation and bleeding. Likewise heterotropic pancreatic tissue may be present secreting bicarbonate and pancreatic digestive enzymes. Other problems include: Acute inflammation may also occur, mimicking appendicitis
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Unformatted text preview: • Intussusception may occur at the mouth of the diverticulum • Peritonitis may occur if the diverticulum perforates Atresia and Stenosis • Atresia is a failure of canalisation and results in a complete obstruction • Stenosis is a narrowing of the gut lumen and results in a partial obstruction • Atresia and stenosis are most common in the duodenum and least common in the colon • The incidence is about 1 in 5000 births and they are usually quickly diagnosed • Causes include, lack of recanalisation, malrotation, lack of blood supply during development...
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