Bowel disorders Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Bowel disorders Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Bowel...

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Bowel disorders Inflammatory Bowel Disease There are two major non-specific inflammatory diseases: Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis. Crohn’s Crohn’s may affect any part of the GI tract from mouth to anus. It is most common in the terminal ileum and ascending colon. It is more common in the Western world, particularly amongst Caucasians. The peak onset age is between 20-40 and both genetics and environmental causes have been proposed. The exact aetiology is unknown. Risk factors include: Smoking A diet high in refined sugars A diet low in fibre Macroscopically the bowel appears bright red and swollen. After time Aphthous ulcers form with a haemorrhagic rim form. These progress to deeper longitudinal ulcers which may develop fissures involving the full thickness of the wall of the GI tract. Fibrosis may follow, with stricture formation which occludes the lumen of the bowel. Aggregations of inflammatory cells and lymphocytes infiltrate the bowel wall. Typically Crohn’s disease is patchy (skip lesions) with normal areas of tissue found between the patches. Signs and Symptoms Signs Abdominal tenderness Perianal lesions Anaemia Mouth Ulcers Weight loss Symptoms Diarrhoea Malaise Weight loss Abdominal cramps Malabsorption Complications Malabsorption may occur where large areas of the small intestine are affected Fistulae may occur due to deep fissuring Stricture may form, occluding the bowel Perforation or haemorrhage may occur Treatment Symptomatic relief Diarrhoea is treated with drugs Vitamin and nutrient supplements are given Anti inflammatory steroids may be given Antibiotics may be useful in severe Perianal disease
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Bowel disorders Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Bowel...

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