Constipation - Constipation Constipation is infrequent...

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Constipation Constipation is infrequent passage of stool (<3day/week) or difficulty with defecation. Symptoms This is simply an infrequent passage of stool. As the underlying cause may differ, this will reflect in the symptoms. HISTORY: Frequency? Consistency? Blood/mucus? Alternating with diarrhoea? Diet? Drugs? ON EXAMINATION: PR EXAM ESSENTIAL! Causes Diet – reduced fibre/fluids Lifestyle/environment Immobility Drugs - opiods, hypotensive agents, iron, TCAs. Anal fissure – due to painful defecation Haemorrhoids
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+ hypothyroidism, hypercalcaemia, cancer, chronic laxative abuse, DM neuropathy, spinal/pelvic nerve injury Epidemiology Depending on the definition employed, constipation occurs in 2% to 20% of the population. It is more common in women, the elderly and children. The reasons it occurs more frequently in the elderly is felt to be due to an increasing number of health problems as humans age and decreased physical activity. Diagnosis
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Constipation - Constipation Constipation is infrequent...

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