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Biology 1201 - Biology 1201 Notes Supplies Folder Hardcover...

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Biology 1201 Notes 8/22/11 Supplies Folder Hardcover book(can sell back to bookstore) Mastering biology book (purchase separate if you get used book) Used clicker Class Weekly learning objectives Quizzes with clickers everyday Clickers count as participation, do not miss class! Do not procrastinate will not do well on test Check MOODLE Don’t memorize, understand and apply Course ID – BIOL 1201001 Mastering biology.com TO DO Print notes put in folder Put syllabus in folder Pre-reading for next class pages 30-45 If you need to purchase separate book buy new its cheaper CLICKER To do this go to your PAWS page and under "Student Services" look for "SRS  Keypad Registration". You will be asked to enter the device ID for your clicker it  can be found on the back of the clicker (see picture below).  NOTE the device ID  does not contain any letter "O"s only the number "0". Science Answer question that we don’t have answers to The hows and whys Process is the scientific method Scientific Method Observation Generalization or model Predictions or hypothesis Test Leads back to observations
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Notes 8/24/11 To do: Read pages 46-57 What happens as a result of this process? You begin with observation and end with observation and you get a better model and to create a really good model Terminology Theory-hypothesis that has been tested many times and is supported (intellectual weight) not always right, theory becomes a thing of great value Hypothesis- untested idea or concept,
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