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biology november - Control System in Plants Type of plant...

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Signal Transduction What does this mean? The action or process of converting something into another form Ex: Gprotein Tyrosine Kinase Ion gated channel Reception Transduction Nuclear Response Gene regulation Cytoplasmic responses Enzyme regulation Others Signal Amplication Allow signals to function differently in different cells When epinephrine binds to cardiac heart muscle cells it speeds their contraction when it bind to muscle cells of the small intestine it inhibits their contraction how can the same hormone have different effects on muscle cells The two types of muscle cells have different signal transduction pathways for epinephrine and thus have different cellular responses
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Unformatted text preview: Control System in Plants Type of plant hormones Auxins Stem elongation, differentiation, apaical dominance Cytokinins Cell division, germination Gibberellins Seed, bud, fruit development, stem elongation Type of Plant Hormones Abscisic acid Inhibits growth, closes stomata, prevents germination Ethylene Promotes fruit ripening, programmed cell death, leaf abscission, response to mechanical stress Types of Plant Hormones Brassinosteroids Normal growth and development, xylem differentiation, pollen tube elongation Auxin in Stem Elongation Apical meristem produces auxin Transported down the shoot Examples of hormone function...
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biology november - Control System in Plants Type of plant...

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