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Chemistry 1202

Chemistry 1202 - Classification of matter Physical...

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Chemistry 1201 Chemistry is the study of the proeries and behavior of matter Matter is the physical material of the universe , has mass and occupies space Property is any characteristic that allows us to recognize a particular type of matter Atoms building block of matter Composition and Structure Molecules two or more atoms are joined together in specific shapes 100 elements Chemistry impacts our lives: -improvement of health care -conservation of natural resources -protection of the environment -provision of our daily needs for food clothing and shelter -increased food production(fertilizers and pesticides) -Developed plastics -modern science, technology and engineering
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Unformatted text preview: Classification of matter Physical State(G,L,S) and Composition(E,C,M) Gas- no fixed volume or shape Liquid –Has volume , no shape Solid- definite shape and volume Gas molecules go fast when the space decreases Liquid – packed closely together but move rapidly Solid- held tightly Pure substance- distinct properties and a composition that doews not cary from sample to sample Ex: Sodium chloride Elements- substance that can not be decomposed into simpler substances Compounds are composed of more then one elements and contain two or more kinds of atoms Mixtures are combinations of two or more substances 118 elements known...
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