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Homeworks Answer Chapter 9 -2 - about a specific function...

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Solution for quiz at chapter 9 (17 Mar 2011) Solutions 1. No. Prevention of defects should be the emphasis—not detection of errors. 2. Yes. 3. No. It is not unethical to obtain information about the competitor’s quality practices as long as it is done in a legal and ethical fashion. 4. No. The senior management should work with the rest of the company to design the TQM process. 5. Yes. Many companies forget about the internal customers and only consider the external customers. 6. No. Different employees have different quality training needs. 7. Yes. Since certain industries have excelled in certain areas, a company may learn a great deal
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Unformatted text preview: about a specific function by benchmarking that function from a company outside the industry. 8. No. Quality improvement programs should be a never-ending, continuous improvement effort. 9. No. Senior management need not be actively involved in decision-making at the lower levels of management and the shop floor. (Too much detail for senior management.) 10. Yes. Teamwork and training are very important in successfully implementing a TQM system....
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