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Iliad notes book 3 - Heln is disgusted with Paris but...

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Book 3: Helen Reviews the Champions Paris parades in front of Trojan lines, where Menelaus 'thrills' at this chance for revenge and attacks Paris retreats, is chastised by Hector, and offers a duel which rival accepts They set up a duel to win Helen (Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlow) Helen of Troy Iris tells Helen of duel, makes her love Menelaus As Priam goes to bless duel, others who despisee Helen recognize her "terrible beauty"; Priam blames gods, not Helen Helen confesses her "sin" and IDs for Priam the various Argive warriors, but can't find her brothers because they're dead Battle of champions to decide the war's outcome and everyone's delighted Zeus won't answer prayers yet Fight begins...Menelaus' separ is stopped and his sword breaks, so he grabs Paris by the helmet to drag him off, and Aphrodite breaks the helmet strap to keep Paris from being strangled Then Aphrodite rescues Paris again and takes him away Aphrodite tries to lure Helen to bed with Paris.
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Unformatted text preview: Heln is disgusted with Paris but scared of Aphrodite so she gives in Menelaus roars around battlefield looking for Paris; Agamemnon declares the Greeks have won Epic Similes p128, 2-6 p129, 26-29 p161, 544-546 p161, 556-559 p159, 504-507 epithet- phrase used over and over again Odysseus - the great tactician Paris - magnificent as a god Menelaus - master of the war cry Agamemnon - the lord of men, commander-in-chief Apollo - Wolf-god, glorious archer Athena transforms into a Trojan, Laodocus, and urges an archer, Pandarus, to shoot Menelaus with an arrow. But then she deflects the arrow to the strong part of his armor. Agamemnon rallies his troops and bring them into line; goads them on Makes troops feel shameful, compliments leaders' strengths (Ajax and Nestor), spurring anger (Odysseus), recalling the leaders' father's great deeds (Diomedes to Tydeus) Characters Athena - manipulative Repetition Important Quotes p146, 148, 152, 156...
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Iliad notes book 3 - Heln is disgusted with Paris but...

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