HIST 104 ID's and Essay Questions for Exam 2

HIST 104 ID's and Essay Questions for Exam 2 - History IDs:...

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History ID’s: 1. Napoleon Bonaparte: (1799-1814) Napoleon was part of the Jacobin Party, which was a revolutionary group from France. Napoleon becomes the Emperor of France in 1804. He decided that the rest of Europe should follow in his revolutionary ways. All of Europe was very scared of him and saw him as a monster. He conquered most of Europe with many allies and some enemies. He claimed that he would control the world in a matter of 5 years. He also invaded Egypt and brought 100 scholars with him where he founded the Rosetta stone which was a key to translating many ancient languages and writings. He invaded Russia in 1812 and fought a huge battle outside of Moscow and won but only by a few. That battle was one of the most violent battles of all time. Napoleon and his troops had to leave Russia due to instability in France. After this retreat, Russia, Britain and other French enemies grouped up to fight France, which overall led to the exile of Napoleon. 2. Matthew Perry: The commander of the US navy, that went to Japan in 1853 to make a trade treaty. He wanted to “westernize” Japan. He came with 4 ships, 60 guns and 1000 men, where he threatened to attack Japan if they did not comply with the US trading wishes. With the large and powerful steam ships, large number of people, and advanced weaponry, Perry and his men had the advantage over Japan. The trade treaty was the Treaty of Kanagana (1854) which was an economic treaty for cast away rights, coal stations for fueling, and American trade standards for Japan. He was the one who westernized Japan. 3.
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HIST 104 ID's and Essay Questions for Exam 2 - History IDs:...

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