HIST 104 ID's and Essay Questions for Exam 3

HIST 104 ID's and Essay Questions for Exam 3 - Hist IDs: -...

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Hist ID’s: - Cuban Missile Crisis: This crisis occurred in October 1962. This was during the cold war when the Soviet Union conspired with Cuba to set up military bases in Cuba with many intermediate-range and short-range missiles that could attack any part of continental United States. The Soviet Union did this in reaction to the United Stated setting up military bases and sending our own missiles to Turkey for closer range. The U.S. considered attacking Cuba from naval ships and by airstrike, but these were not followed through due to threat of nuclear war. Instead the U.S. decided on a “quarantine” of all the weaponry in Cuba to be removed. This was because President Kennedy decided that an invasion was too intense of a measure and would only cause more and extensive wars. The crisis ended when the United States agreed to remove all missiles from Turkey if the Soviets removed all weapons from Cuba. - Blitzkrieg: In German this term means “lightning warfare”. This was basically surprise attack by way of aircraft and bombings. This type of warfare was started in WWII when Germany invaded Poland and then it was spread throughout the world and used by many different countries. This war tactic was also used for a scare effect. With the surprise attack along with the loud noises of bombings and missiles, the Germans would use this as intimidation against their enemy. - Gandhi: Was an Indian political and ideological leader during the Indian independence movement. In his early life he was a lawyer, and never a real religious man until he started looking into some Hindu and Buddhist literature and really took an interest in the Hindu religion. He had a hard time keeping a good job due to a lot of discrimination but then got a job offer for a year-long contract at an Indian firm that was in South Africa. In
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HIST 104 ID's and Essay Questions for Exam 3 - Hist IDs: -...

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