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HIST 104 ID's for Exam 1 - Patos Patos is South American...

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Patosì – Patosì is South American city that mined and traded silver to the rest of the world. T was founded in 1546 as a mining town. There was about 41,000 tons of silver mined from Patosì. Many African slaves were sent here to work in the mines, and most died from brutal labor and from mercury poisoning. Potato – The potato comes from Peru in 1565.This new food gets sent to Spain and Portugal and the spreads to the rest of Europe, and quickly becomes a huge part of the European diet. The average man ate 12-14 lbs of potato a day. This causes an increase in population due to more than enough food, until the potato famine in the 1840’s which infects the potato crops in Ireland and causes a million to die. Martin Luther – Luther was a Roman Catholic monk who proposed a set of theses that stated there was corruption in the priests, bishops, cardinals, and pope. He had new ideas about Christianity that stated that you didn’t need to recant sins or do good to get into heaven. This
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