lecture14 - 20:04 ICClegalsettingforindividualsheadsofstates

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20:04 ICC- legal setting for individuals heads of states accountability for crimes that schock the conscience of the world everyone has a right to  living  genocde result of holocaust, crimes against humanity widespread attack on any civilian  population result of WWII, war crimes breach of Geneva convention, aggression(to be  defined)  Dealing with international crimes international military tribunals  Nuremberg trials of political leaders in Holocaust/Tokyo trials to try members of  authoritarian class  ad hoc tribunals established by UNSC ICTY Yugoslavia/ ICTR Rwanda Not of convention or vote, security council decides=countries addressed are not allowed  to participate in the organization,  put together  by small group of states Hybrid/internationalized courts established by agreement between the UN and the  relevant country  Sierra leone / Cambodia / east timor / Lebanon
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lecture14 - 20:04 ICClegalsettingforindividualsheadsofstates

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