lecture10 - 20:03 Blissfully unaware of the problems the...

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Unformatted text preview: 20:03 Blissfully unaware of the problems the world faces Role of ethnicity and nationalism Two cases: Yugoslavia, rawanda Ethnic conflict; security problem for state and people Nationalism is commonly based on ethnic ties, but nationalism, and ethnicity are not the same. Identify with state as governing institution forms government. Nationalism involves three themes: autonomy, unity shared sense of identity as Americans, and identity built around religion, language does not have to identity. Idenity: cooperation across large social scales involves trust among complete strangers Successful nations require a set of symbol that define who is and who is to part of the nation. Such processes facilitate the goals of autonomy and unity This is often overlooked because we take it as a sociological given that identity exists. But how did the identity emerge? (example of France) imagined national communities nationalism: ideology that links nation to state homogeneity of language standardization of time achieved through information: factual and mythical, made up histories invented traditions suggests continuity with ancient (and significant) pas become essence of national culture national iconography on the landscape the cultural landscape is rich in symbolism visual metaphor political messages are often conveyed through symbolism in the US flags and eagles convey clear messages statues and monuments are important parts of the political landscape ethnic separatism we live in an age of rising ethnic nationalism one ethnic minority after another demands independence or autonomy...
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lecture10 - 20:03 Blissfully unaware of the problems the...

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