Day 7 - Introduction to Sociology – Day 7 Sources of...

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to Sociology – Day 7 Sources of Cultural Change • A change in societal conditions • Cultural diffusion • Diffusion • Imposition of cultural change by an outside agency Statuses • Status refers to a position within a group • Ascribed statuses: those which are assigned to us/we cannot change o Age, family, background • Achieved statuses: choice/competition o College student, wrestling team towel manager Master status • Of primary importance/overshadow other statuses in our own minds/those of others • A key/core status o Carries primary weight in a person’s interactions/relationships with others o Race, Class, Gender Roles • • • • • Behaviors culturally defined as appropriated to a particular status Are the expected behavior Role performance is the actual behavior Role Set: multiple roles attached to a single status o The role set of the under-/graduate student? How did you fill out your “20 statements test?” o Biological/biographical info? o Roles/Statuses Socialization • What is Socialization? • Why is it important? • What are outcomes of socialization? • Is socialization the same for everyone? Formal and Informal Learning Socialization • Dress at work is a form of socialization Agents of Socialization • The Family o The family serves as a major agent of socialization especially of the young • The Media o 18,000 simulated murders on TV in a lifetime o Women have the tendency to be depicted as sexual objects via the media • Peers o Peers are an important agent of socialization o Young girls and boys learn society’s images of what they are supposed to be through the socialization process • Religion o Children tend to develop the same religious beliefs as their parents o Answers life’s big questions • Sports o Concepts of self o “Manhood” o Body competence for girls • Schools o What cultural expectations? o To whom do teachers’ pay more attention? Gender Race o Hidden curriculum? Spelling bees(competiveness) ...
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Day 7 - Introduction to Sociology – Day 7 Sources of...

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