Day 13 - Short, heavy man • Sex crimes and or assault...

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Introduction to Sociology – Day 13 Origins of Trait Theories Cesare Lomborso Criminal Atavism: Evolutionary Throwbacks The Pathological Perspective Deviance as Sickness Language of Medicine Bad vs. Sick o Physical abnormalities o Mental abnormalities o Emotional abnormalities Cesare Lombroso The Criminal Man (1876) Median occipital fossa Atavists: evolutionary throwbacks o Born criminals Abnormalities o Head size o Eyes o Forehead o Ears o Jaws o Lips o Hair o Arms 43% of the prisoners had 5 or more abnormalities, no solder had more than 5 Earnest Hooton The American Criminal (1939) Criminals and controls 100+ measurements Foreheads Noses Faces Criminals “organically inferior” Tall, thin men o Murder and robbery Tall, heavy man o Forgery and fraud
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Undersized men o Burglary and thievery
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Unformatted text preview: Short, heavy man • Sex crimes and or assault Hooton: Critiques • Prisoners = Criminals? • Hooton’s “controls” • Value judgments • What constitutes “inferior” William Sheldon • Varieties of Delinquent Youth: An Introduction to Constitutional Psychiatry (1949) • Believed that the adult body structure corresponds to the differential development of the three layers of embryonic tissue (endoderm, ectoderm, mesoderm) Somatypes • Endomorph o Viscerotonic Personality • Ectomorph o Cerebrotonic Personality o Mesomoroh • Somotonic Personality Sheldon • The Study • The findings • Flaws / critiques • Pathological Perspective general Critiques • Methodology? o Weak • Biases? • Policy implications...
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Day 13 - Short, heavy man • Sex crimes and or assault...

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