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Introduction to Sociology – Day 14 Contemporary Biosocial Theory Physical qualities of offenders explain the onset of antisocial behaviors Three main areas of study o Biochemical factors o Neurological dysfunction o Genetic influence Psychological Theories of Deviance Psychodynamic theory Behavioral theory Cognitive behavioral theory Intelligence and crime Personality and crime Personality and Crime Personality: The reasonably stable patterns of behavior, including thoughts and emotions, that distinguish on person from another The ‘Criminal Personality’ The Criminal Personality (1976) The decision to break the law
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Unformatted text preview: Psychopaths Stereotypically people devoid of a conscience Psychopaths? Sociopaths? Antisocial (ASPD/APD)? How many of these people are there? Psychopath first used clinically by Dr. Samuel Woodward (1936) D.T. Lykken (1955) antisocials have an under stimulated body chemistry Freudian theorists: Hevey Cleckley ( The Mask of Sanity ; 1964) Eugenics in America Involuntary sterilization laws 1907-1937: o 31 states pass laws permitting involuntary sterilization of deviants o 31 allowed I.S. for mentally ill, mentally deficient o Over 70,000 involuntary sterilizations based on these laws...
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