Day 15 - Introduction to Sociology – Day 15 Social...

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to Sociology – Day 15 Social Factors and Deviance • Interpersonal interactions • Community conditions • Exposure to violence • Social Change • Low socioeconomic status • Racial disparity Social Structure and Deviance • Stratified society o A society based on the unequal distribution of scarce and valuable resources • Underclass • At-risk youth (populations) • Culture of Poverty (Oscar Lewis) Federal Poverty* Guidelines • The 48 Contiguous States and DC 92011) o Persons in family Poverty guideline o 1 $10,890 o 2 14,710 o 3 18,530 o 4 22,350 Social Structure Theories • Social and economic forces operation in deteriorated lower-class area are the key determinant of delinquent behavior patterns • Though not all youthful offenders become adult criminals, those who reside in poverty- stricken lower-class areas and become encultured into the values of inner-city neighborhoods are the ones most likely to persist in delinquency Structural Strain Theories • Social Disorganization Theory • Strain Theory • Cultural Deviance Theory Social Disorganization Theory The inability of a community to exert social control allows youths the freedom to engage in illegal behavior Consequences of disorganization?...
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Day 15 - Introduction to Sociology – Day 15 Social...

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