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FINAL REVIEW Ch11: Race vs. Ethnicity; Social basis of each; How are these socially constructed? Minorities; Racism, Stereotypes, Prejudice, Discrimination; Bogardus & social distance Different ethnic groups and associated issues Ch12: Social changes associated with changes in the economy; sector of the economy; types of economic systems & issues; world political systems; power/authority; theoretical perspectives on power Ch13: Key concepts regarding the family & kinship: nuclear/extended; endo-, exogamy; monogamy Polygamy; ways of tracing descent; functions of family Perspective on the family; other dimensions of inequality – influence on family; non-traditional families; problems of family life; causes of divorce Perspective on religion; functions of religion; religious organizations; religion and other factors; social change & religion; fundamentalism – what are it/characteristics
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Unformatted text preview: Science vs. religion? Ch14: Education and development; global perspective; sociological perspectives on education; functions of schooling; how do schools reproduce inequalities?; Benefits of higher education; issues in educ./schools How is ‘health’ socially defined; health globally, US; costs of health care; perspective on healthcare Ch15: Demography—issues (what kinds of things do they study?); population growth; Urbanization – issues; population and environment – associated issues; environmental racism Ch16: Social change: what is it? Where does it come from?; social movements Modernity/post-modernity; Division of labor (should sound familiar); Weber’s rationalization Capitalism; mass society; perspective on modernity How dose modernity affect us? Postmodernity...
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