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Investigation 6

Investigation 6 - o Recent invader having trees in only the...

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Investigation 6: - The concept of the holocenotic environment: o The geographic distributions of plants are dependent on many interrelated factors acting in combination to determine the natural vegetation patterns of a region - Identify and define the biomes that occur in Oklahoma o Midlatitude grassland and midlatitude forest (mostly deciduous) - Position of the ecotone o Divides the two biomes in Oklahoma - Cohorts: o Tree size o Relative numbers by size classes - DBH (Diameter at Breast Height) *measure in decimeters* - Interpret vegetation history for a site o Logging, fire, or disease: destroyed a cohort of trees at some time in the past.
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Unformatted text preview: o Recent invader: having trees in only the smallest cohorts. o Successful reproducer: have many smaller trees with progressively smaller numbers of trees with larger cohorts (older trees) o Relic species: would be indicated by few individuals in the smaller size classes with great numbers in the largest cohorts.-Water Budget o PPT = (PET – D) + S ± Δ SOIL o PPT: Precipitation PET: Potential evapotranspiration D: deficit S: surplus SOIL: soil storage o Be able to define these terms o A water budget will have blanks, you will choose the correct water budget condition...
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