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Investigation 7 - know what sort of materials are...

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Investigation 7: - Understand the soil sieving and weighing procedure o Top chamber: sand (biggest particle of the 3) will be trapped o 2 nd chamber: silt (medium particle of the 3) will be trapped o Bottom chamber: clay (smallest particle of the 3) will fall to this chamber - Determine a soil’s texture using the texture triangle o Soil Texture Triangle (Sand Diagonal Up and Left, Silt Diagonal Down and Left, Clay Horizontal to Right) - Soil Series Versus Soil Orders o Soil orders: types of soils highest and most generalized level o Soil series: “species” of soil that has measured properties - Know the three most extensive orders in Oklahoma – Alfisols, Ultisols, and Mollisols o Vertisols are also found in Oklahoma (Oxisols are NOT ) - Natural Resource Conservation Service: o Produce county soil surveys - Use of county soil survey -
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Unformatted text preview: know what sort of materials are included-Review the campground siting example-Numerical limitations 0 – 1.00 o Higher the number, the more the limitations o Slight: soil feature not important for a particular use o Moderate: the soil feature has some limitations that can be overcome or corrected o Severe: the soil feature has serious limitations that are impossible or costly to overcome.-Soil-Forming Factors: o Geologic factor Source of rock fragments that make up soil is parent material (bedrock/loose sediments) o Climatic factor Weather and moisture are greatest climatic o Topographic factor Slope and drainage o Biological Organic fraction consisting of living and dead plants and animals o Earthworms Cultivating and mixing activities of earthworms...
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