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Investigation 8 - Investigation 8 Explain how a map...

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Investigation 8: - Explain how a map measurer is used o Getting map distance related actual distance through scale o Used in lab to measure the distance along streams - Understand how runoff coefficients are used to figure runoff: o Fraction of total rain which will run off the ground surface during a typical precipitation event o When calculating runoff coefficients, the land uses with the generally highest coefficient would be downtown and business - RUNOFF = PRECIPITATION AMOUNT X COEFFICIENT (INCHES OR CENTIMETERS) - Understand the effects of land use change on runoff - The stream table was used to demonstrate stream functions: o Landscape Knickpoints: abrupt irregularities in a channel profile, and migrates upstream as a result of undercutting and eventually will disappear, and are usually associated with the creation of waterfalls and rapids Meanders: migrate by eroding on the outsides of their bends and depositing sediment on the inside of bends.
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