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Investigation 10 - -Recognize and know the origins of...

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Investigation 10: - Explain how a stereoscope works o We are able to see some aerial photographs in 3-D because of overlapping photographs - Stereopairs - Why is the “3D” effect useful? o Shape o How big things are o The lay of the land - Calculate scale on an aerial photo o RF = MAP DISTANCE : ACTUAL DISTANCE Example: 10” : 62,500” RF = 1: 6,250 Relate something on the photo to a known distance - Object recognition clues on aerial photographs o Shape o Size o Tone or Color o Shadow o Topographic Location
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Unformatted text preview: -Recognize and know the origins of physical features you saw on the aerial photos o Relict Shorelines o Oxbow Lakes o Drumlins o Alluvial Fans-All features can be found in your textbook-Photos vs. Maps: o Aerial photos do not have the same RF everywhere-Remote sensing: o Other way to be able to see things that are invisible to our eye o Know what colors mean: Red: with crop growth Blue: newly plowed fields Light Green: harvested fields...
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