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Soc 1113 Paper One Norm-Breaking Guidelines In order to do Paper One, you first must break a norm--i.e., not conform to some social expectation. It is up to you what norm you break. You can do a behavior that is non-normative across our culture, e.g., facing the back rather than front of an elevator when riding it, or something that is non-normative among some smaller group of which you are a member, e.g., sitting on your dorm roommate's bed, if that is not normative for you and your roommate(s). [You may not use either of these examples.] If you pick an illegal or unethical behavior as part of breaking your norm, you must live with the legal and moral consequences (I accept NO responsibility, and will not come bail you out of jail!). There are plenty of norms you can break that will not cause legal repercussions or harm to others. Try your best to avoid discomfort to other people in performing this assignment . You may find it helpful to explain to anyone involved what you were doing after you are finished breaking the norm (i.e., you might want to "debrief" those who saw you do the
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