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Study Guide Test 1 - Study Guide Test 1 Test One 37 MC...

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Study Guide – Test 1 Test One: 37 MC Questions @ 2 Pts. Each Kevin Spencer – SOC1113.003 Take note of all key terms out of the book Boxed texts in the book Notes In class films Assigned readings What is sociology o The study of human behavior in society What is the sociological perspective o The special point of view in sociology that sees general patterns of society in the lives of particular people Benefits of the sociological perspective o Helps us assess the truth of “common sense” o Helps us see the opportunities and constraints in our lives o Empowers us to be active participant in our society o Helps us live in a diverse world What’s the sociological imagination o The insight offered by the discipline of sociology Who talked about it? C. Wright Mills What changes in European history precipitated the development of sociology? o “The Enlightenment” Early sociologist? o Auguste Comte Coined term sociology His sociology was divided into two parts: Social statics and dynamics Law of 3 stages Duty of sociology – Scientist-priests / ‘religion of humanity’ o Emile Durkheim Established the significance of society as something larger than the sum of its parts Social facts Social statics and dynamics? o Social statics – study of social order o Social dynamics – study of social change Law of 3 stages
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o Theological Explanations via gods/godheads o Metaphysical Spirituality Parapsychology Science o Positivist Everything can be proven/disproved/explained through science o Who made it? Auguste Comte Social change o The alteration of society over time Anomie o “Normlessness” o Durkheim talked about it Social solidarity o The ties in society that bind us together Rituals o
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