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Biology 101 Survival Manual Spring 2005 This syllabus is available on line from the instructor’s web page. Lynn J. Fancher [] Office Hours IC3113d Monday: 10:00-12:00 pm 942-2127 Tuesday: 10:00-12:00 pm e-mail: [email protected] Wednesday: 10:00-12:00 pm On campus mail: IC 3028 (Natural Sciences Office) Thursday: 10:00-12:00 pm Friday: 11-1 pm Texts : Required texts: Campbell, et al. Biology , 7th edition Anderson, et al. Biology 101 Laboratory Guide Required Study Guides: Grading Scale [Based on final total points] Class Assignments: 90% - 100%: A 3 Exams: 300 points 80% - 89.9%: B 8 Article Reports: 80 points 70% - 79.9%: C Practice: 10 points 60% - 69.9%: D Lab Work: TBD <60%: F Exams: All exams will be short answer/essay style. There will be three exams, worth a total of 300 points. Exams will cover both lecture and lab materials. Missing any exam without replacing it will be grounds for failing this class. The last exam may not be made up. Missed exams : See attached pages for the procedure to follow if you miss an exam. This procedure is a bit unusual, so don’t assume you know how it will work. Labs: Attendance in lab is required. Sufficient lab absences (3) will be grounds for failure in this class. Lab reports and assignments will be due at the lab session following the activity. Reading: You will be required to read and analyze nine articles during the quarter. See attached pages for details of these assignments. ***** ***Check out***
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Some Hard Facts of Life in Biology 101 “Make-up Exams ”: I do not give make-up exams in the traditional sense. If you miss an exam for any reason, you may take a Replacement Exam at the end of the quarter. Replacement exams will cover the same material as the regular exam covered, but may be in a simpler format (i.e., more essay questions, no matching, etc.). They will never be multiple choice or true/false. While I never intentionally make these exams harder than the regular exams, they are, because you will be more distant from the material covered in class. You may take a maximum of one replacement exam (i.e., you may not miss more than one exam). NOTE: If you fail to call me within 24 hours of the time the class takes the regular exam, you will not be offered a Replacement. That means you will fail the class . Deadlines : Reading : Article reports are due on exam days. Four reports will be due at each of the first two exams. These reports must be typed. If you turn in a report which is not typed, it will be returned to you ungraded. You will be able to resubmit the report in proper format, but of course there will be an attendant late deduction. Lab Reports
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Bio101S05 (1) - Biology 101 Survival Manual Spring 2005...

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