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The Nature of Science I. Science is a way of understanding the world and the universe. A. Our knowledge of the universe is fundamentally experiential in nature—the things we “know” are really posits— generalizations based upon a lot of experience. A posit is something which we can never know for sure is true, but about which we have so much experiential evidence that we can safely trust it to be reliable. B. One of the reasons that science is often difficult for people to grasp is that the types of experience which give scientists information are often unusual, and produce evidence which is quite counterintuitive. But it’s still just experiential knowledge. C. All of science begins with the assumption that the universe can be figured out and explained without recourse to cheating (applying to the supernatural to explain hard stuff). In other words, the laws of chemistry and physics are constant, and can be trusted to behave the same every time we depend upon them. D.
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