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Unformatted text preview: 1 Molecular Genetics Biology 304X – Spring 2007 Class Meetings: Tuesdays and Thursdays Meeting Time: 08:30–09:45 AM Thomas Beam Engineering Complex (TBE) A107 INSTRUCTOR Dr. Andrew Andres Office: Juanita Greer White Hall (WHI), Room 212 Office hours: after class = T, Th 10:00 AM–11:30 AM; also by appointment through e-mail Telephone: 895-1778 Electronic mail: [email protected] COURSE DESCRIPTION Course Description/Purpose: BIOL 304x is primarily intended for biological-sciences majors interested in obtaining a broad background in molecular biology. This course is designed to cover the basic principles of molecular genetics including topics in the following areas: Structure/function of genes, genome organization, protein synthesis, regulation of gene expression, chromatin structure, epigenetic effects, and genetic engineering. Enrollment requires attendance of two 75-minute lectures per week totaling 3 credits. BIOL 304x is an intensive course in which students must acquire a firm conceptual understanding of several basic principles. The content has been standardized by the Integrative Cell Biology and Microbiology affinity group within the School of Life Sciences. Thus, it must provide the necessary foundation for the majority of the upper division courses in this major area, and to be on par with similar introductory courses at major Universities in the US. The course material is very straight forward, but because of the breath of material covered, the pace is demanding. For that reason it is essential that the student be adequately prepared for this class and that he/she allot sufficient time for study. It is strongly suggested that students complete the relevant text readings prior to attending class. When preparing for lectures/exams and allocating study time, consider the following: • Student-faculty contact in and out of class is an important factor in student motivation/involvement/success. In other words, don’t be afraid to ask questions in class and during office hours—you will learn more! 2 • According to education researchers, we learn only about 50% of what we read, hear, and see (equivalent to reading the textbook and attending lecture). The most effective learning strategy involves talking to the instructor and classmates about what you’ve learned from the lecture and the text, writing about it, relating it to past experiences and applying it to your daily lives. • A full-time course-load is a full-time job that requires 40 or more hours per week. This class represents about 1/4 of a full course load, and thus requires that you set aside about 10-15 hours per week to attend lectures, read the text, meet with study groups, transcribe class notes, and STUDY those notes....
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This note was uploaded on 12/06/2011 for the course BIOL 304X taught by Professor Andrewandres during the Spring '07 term at University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

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Class%20Policies - 1 Molecular Genetics Biology 304X –...

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