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Iliad notes book 5 - Ares charges is wounded by Diomedes...

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Athena grants Diomedes "strength and daring" Athena lures Ares off the battlefield Panadarus hits Diomedes in the shoulder with an arrow Athena reinforces him and gives him the power of his father and new sight (to distinguish between gods and mortals) She orders him to attack no god except Aphrodite Diomedes kills Pandarus (who broke the truce) Diomedes hits Aeneas with a boulder As Aphrodite is taking Aeneas from the fight, Diomedes spears her wrist Apollo asks Ares to kill Diomedes
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Unformatted text preview: Ares charges, is wounded by Diomedes Characters Athena - gives Diomedes power to fight gods Aphrodite - interferes in battle to save her son Aeneas Zeus - scolds certain gods for their actions Ares - means to destroy Diomedes Epic Similes p169 151-159 p164 4-6 p174 333 Epithets Pandarus - the archer Zeus - whose shield is thunder Ares - stormer of ramparts, destroyer of men Diomedes - daredevil Here - white-armed (sexy)...
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