Bus 315 - Detailed Outline

Bus 315 - Detailed Outline - COURSE BUS 315 D2 SEMESTER...

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Outline subject to change. Last update: January 19, 2011. 1 COURSE: BUS 315 D2 SEMESTER: Spring 2011 TITLE: Investments INSTRUCTOR: Jorge Cruz Lopez Office: SUR 5045 Phone: 778 782 5285 E-mail: [email protected] Website: www.sfu.ca/~jacruz Office hrs: Mondays 11:00AM – 12:30PM. Prerequisites BUS 312, BUS 336 and BUS 207 or ECON 301; 60 credit hours. Required Text Bodie et al.; Investments, 6th Canadian Edition. McGraw-Hill Ryerson 2008. ISBN: 0070965455 Course Objectives The objective of this course is to introduce students to the theory underlying sound investment practices in securities markets and to familiarize them with the institutional and contractual arrangements governing these markets. The course will cover topics on financial institutions, fixed income securities, portfolio selection, asset pricing, market efficiency, security analysis, and performance management. Note This course does not cover derivative securities. If you are interested in these financial instruments, please consider taking BUS 316. Grading Problem Sets (3) 15% Midterm 1 20% Midterm 2 25% Final Exam 40% Total 100%
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Outline subject to change. Last update: January 19, 2011. 2 Lecture Wednesdays 9:30AM – 12:20PM (SUR 5240). Tutorial Sections Students are required to attend tutorials. The material covered in tutorials will be tested in the exams. This material includes, but is not limited to, sample questions, answers to the problem sets and answers to previous exams. The sample questions that will be covered in tutorials can be found in this outline. Office Hours Mondays 11:00AM – 12:30PM or by appointment. If you have any problems understanding the course material, please come to see me during my office hours. It is in your best interest to clarify any issues as soon as they arise; otherwise, you will not understand some of the new concepts that build on previous topics. Please do not leave your questions for the last office hours before the exam. It is too late by then! I will try to explain all of the topics that you need me to clarify during my office hours. However, I will not give you the answers to the problem sets or the take-home exam. Instead, you are required to show me that you have made a considerable attempt to solve the relevant questions in order for me to help you with them. If your schedule conflicts with my office hours, we can arrange a meeting. Usually, I am very
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Bus 315 - Detailed Outline - COURSE BUS 315 D2 SEMESTER...

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