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Include references in this part of the poster: A. Author, B. Author, “title of famous article”, Journal Name , Vol. Number, Page Number, (Year). E. Martinec and V. Sahakian, “Black holes and Fve-brane thermodynamics”, Physical Review D, v. 60, 064002 (1999). E. Thomas, Jr., J. Williams, “Experimental Measurements of Velocity Dissipation and Neutral-Drag Effects during the ±ormation of a Dusty Plasma”, Physical Review Letters , 95 , 055001 (2005). ENTER TITLE OF PRESENTATION HERE First Person, Second Person ABSTRACT: In the development of modern string theories, several key advancements have been made. Among the most important of these has been the derivation of electron and quark oscillations from primordial strings. In this theoretical model, both the mass and charge state of these particles is derivable from the 4- dimensional oscillation of the strings. This presentation will show some results of these models. BACKGROUND
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