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UCSB Hist 2C, Fall 2011 World History, 1700-present Prof. Marcuse marcuse@history.ucsb.edu H IST 2C: F AMILY H ISTORY P APER A SSIGNMENT Purpose: Why is history important? The best guide to understanding the present and future is to know how and why things happened in the past. We do that by learning about, recording, and learning from the experiences of others. In this case we want to find out how individual lives and big, "world- historical" events intersect, as well as what ordinary people consider most important in their lives. I. Prospectus (due Nov. 10, 8am in lecture). Length: 1 page. It should include: 1. Who will you interview for this paper? When, where and how do you plan to interview them? (It's ok if you end up changing this scheduled time and place, but you must have a plan.) Ideally, this person will be someone in your family, but can also be an older friend or community member. Older interview partners may be better, because they have experienced a longer range of history. You can ask a parent about what they know about their parents' experiences, too. Someone younger, like an Iraq/Afghanistan war vet, would also be ok. If a single event turns out to the be the
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