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UCSB Hist 2c11-L02 9/27/2011 1 Hist. 2c, F’11, L 2: What is “World” History? 0. Crash update, Honors, Films, Syllabus Lect. Goals: *Orientation in time, space *Introduce some core concepts 2. World History Regions 3. Types of colonial societies 4. Model of causality, definitions Walk-in Music : Ode to Joy (Beethoven, 1824) ( 3:40 ) Crash Update: 52 for 67 sp. Everyone who has all three: a. On the electronic waitlist before last Thu. b. Signed in at lecture last Thursday c. Signed in at lecture today Can get into this class, but only IF They get into a particular section On multiple lists? Pick ONE and let TA know Beyond that, priority will be given to: History majors Majors that have this course as a prereq. in the pre-major (Soc.) Section Schedule x Clicker Q 1: Admin Interest in honors and film series: A. I want to enroll in honors section B. I want to enroll in honors, but can’t C. I plan to take advantage of the film credit D. I want to do the films, but can’t Th 3-5/6 E. (anyone think their clicker isn’t working?) Assignment This Week Read two articles on Gauchospace (Made-up Minds; Why we have college) Read Nietzsche selection (link on Gauchosp.) Copy out quotes that: Define the 3 types of history he outlines (Monumental, Antiquarian, Critical) Say how each: BENEFITS, and HARMS life in the present
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2c11L02PeriodsGeographyCausesB - UCSB Hist 2c11-L02...

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