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UCSB Hist 2C, Fall 2011 World History, 1700-present Prof. Marcuse M IDTERM S TUDY G UIDE October 22, 2011, for October 27 exam. The midterm counts for 15% of your final grade See Rampolla, Pocket Guide , 34-38 (6th ed., §3c-2) for some advice on answering ID & essay questions. **Don't forget to bring one large, completely unmarked blue book to class on Thursday!** I. Identify and define the significance (15 minutes total, 3 @ 15 points each) On the midterm you will be given six of the following terms, from which you will select three . After identifying who, what, where & when (that is, you must situate the term in a period and region of world history), take special care to EXPLAIN WHY THE TERM IS SIGNIFICANT in the context of world history. Ask yourself: Would history have taken a different course without this event or person? How is this term an example of some important principle that played a role in the course of history? Then write down the reason(s) WHY to conclude your answer to the ID. anti-slavery movement
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