2c11SyllabusE - UCSB Hist 2C, Fall 2011 WORLD HISTORY...

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UCSB Hist 2C, Fall 2011 W ORLD H ISTORY 1700- PRESENT Lotte Lehman Concert Hall, T-Th 8-9:15am HU http://www.history.ucsb.edu/faculty/marcuse/classes/2c UH Prof. Marcuse HSSB 4222, no phone marcuse@history.ucsb.edu W ORLD H ISTORY , 1700-P RESENT C OURSE S YLLABUS (corrected vers. 9/26/11) 0BU I NTRODUCTION AND G OALS I don't think of history merely as a lot of information that "everyone should know." For me, it is a wealth of experiences, some of which are interesting and entertaining (like good books or movies), and many of which help me to understand and evaluate what is going on in the world, and why. In this course we will study some historical events that should be helpful in making sense of the present. Some of those events are the lives of exceptional people, some of ordinary people. Some are great world-shaping events such as revolutions, mass movements, and wars. And some are ideas that have helped people to see the world around them in new ways, and have led to fundamental changes in the way they--and we--live. While we study these events, we will also learn and practice some historical skills, such as what primary sources are and how to assess them, as well as how we can think beyond the obvious level of a source to its deeper meanings. In a nutshell, we will learn how research can turn raw information into useful knowledge, and we will practice expressing our thoughts clearly in discussion and in writing. 1BU R EQUIRED B OOKS (available at the UCen and Isla Vista Bookstores) Robert Strayer, Ways of the World: A Global History with Sources , vol. II (Bedford, 2011). This well-conceived textbook does an excellent job selecting important themes of world history. Website: http://bcs.bedfordstmartins.com/strayerdocutext1e/ . Olaudah Equiano, The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano , or Gustavus Vassa, the African, written by himself (1789) (Bedford 2007, introduced by Robert Allison). This autobiography of a former slave played an important role in the antislavery movement. Library reserve call no: HT869.E6 A3 1995 Optional: Mary Lynn Rampolla, A Pocket Guide to Writing in History (Boston: Bedford, 2009). This is an excellent how-to guide about writing history papers and preparing for exams. Library reserve call no: D13 .R295 2007 / 2010 [this older edition is ok as well] iClicker : Classroom response unit, for polling & answering questions in class [iClicker II ok]. 2BU Photocopied essays will be posted on GauchoSpace . COURSE REQUIREMENTS 1. Effort . Take ownership of the course! It is yours--think of the professor as a guide who will help you to explore some aspects of the vast terrain of modern world history. Ultimately what you get out of this course is what you put in. 2.
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2c11SyllabusE - UCSB Hist 2C, Fall 2011 WORLD HISTORY...

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